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by - јул 16, 2020

Hi my best!
I found a site called Prestarrs that sells clothes, shoes and mostly women's work. I chose two categories and the first is fashion dresses which has amazing dresses, the dresses are beautiful and I believe everyone can find something for themselves. I found a few things that I think will be interesting to you, they are to me. The first is a tunic or dress with cats that is too cute! I really like it, with long sleeves, below you have a direct link to the dress. The next one is a green dress that I also like, just because it is so fluttery and looks beautiful, that's why I chose it.
The next two things that were also interesting to me are from the classic sneakers category. There are shoes of various shoes, sneakers, sandals and more. I chose two pairs of sneakers that I would personally wear, they are super wearable, the colors are great and you have sizes of course. The first ones are too sweet for me, peach in color, and the others can be worn every day, which is a big plus. I suggest you take a look and I believe you will find something for yourself. I'm very picky about the clothes, so if I found them, I believe you will too. Happy shopping!

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